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How do I get my PS4's IP address?

To capture your PS4's gameplay data, you need to enter its IP address in the data logger on your PC/laptop.

On your PS4, go to:

Settings --> Network

Select the "View connection status" option

The "IP Address" row is the right one.

How do I get my PC's IP address?

To capture your PC's gameplay data, you need to enter its IP address in the Track Titan data logger.

Windows 10
1. Press your Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys together to open Task Manager 2. Click 'More Details' at the bottom of the Task Manager 3. Press the 'Performance' tab at the top of the Task Manager screen 4. Press the 'Ethernet' tab on the left hand side, and look for your IPv4 address listed below the network graph.

What games are supported by Track Titan?

We are currently able to generate insights for Assetto Corsa but we are working around the clock to support the latest F1 games and Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Which tracks and cars can I get reference data for?

We currently have a handful of track/car combinations for which our pro racers set reference lap times. We aim to expand this to cover virtually any track/car combination you could think of.

You can see all live reference laps here.

What is Content Manager and why do I need it?

Content Manager is an app for Assetto Corsa that allows you to get into the game quickly and install mods, skins, etc. We use it to place you into the correct setup/server so you don't have to spend time looking around within Assetto Corsa which is why we highly recommend getting it. You can find the download link for Content Manager here

How do I get my logs from the Track Titan Desktop Application?

Sometimes, we need your application logs to assist in troubleshooting issues with the application. 1. To locate your logs, we need to go to the AppData folder for the application. There are two ways to find these logs. Option A Firstly, press 'Windows Key & R' together, and in the run window - type '%appdata%'. This should open the Roaming folder, in here please navigate to AppData\Roaming\ghost-desktop-app\logs Option B Manually locate the folder at C:\Users\WINDOWS_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\ghost-desktop-app\logs. The AppData folder is a hidden folder, so to locate it, you will need to go to the View tab and tick the 'Hidden items' tickbox. 2. Once you have located the logs folder by either method, please zip the main.log, and renderer.log files together in a folder, named with the data of your missing sessions or laps. (Using popular programs such as WinRAR, or 7zip can make creating a .zip folder much easier) 3. Once you have the .zip folder, place it in a memorable location, and from there you can send it to us to troubleshoot. Important Note We require you to send the folders within the logs and not only the main and redered files. Please zip up all files and folders as we cannot troubleshoot without these folders.

How do I save, locate, and send my Assetto Corsa replay files?

The most convenient way to save replays is to have Assetto Corsa autosave them. To enable autosaving replays 1. Open Content Manager, and navigate to the SETTINGS menu (in the top bar) 2. In CONTENT MANAGER settings, open the REPLAY section. Here you can tick the 'Autosave replays' option. You can change your settings here to optimise for your storage availabilty - but default settings generally work quite well. To locate and send your replay files 1. To ensure your replay has saved, open Content Manager and navigate to the MEDIA menu (in the top bar). Here there will be a list of all your saved and autosaved replays. 2. In the Autosave menu, select the replay that you want to keep and press the 'Keep replay' button to ensure it is not overwritten. 3. To locate your replay files, you can just press the 'Folder' button on the replay in Content Manager, or alternatively, navigate to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Assetto Corsa\replay.
4. To send the replay to us, compress the file into a .zip using a program such as WinRAR or 7zip, and send it to us using the Track Titan replay submission form.

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